Who Are We?


Empowering Families Through Education

At the core of everything we do is family. It takes a village to raise a child with the family at the center. Every team member and tutor lives by these values. We put the family first, prioritizing their goals and values to empower not only the child but the entire family through education.

ShaiAsia Wannamaker, Founder

As a private tutor for over 6 years, Shai discovered the joy of tutoring as a young college student. As she continued to work in educational research, she learned the importance of using data to support real world outcomes.

Shai has worked as a researcher for over six years providing support to market research companies, school districts, and universities. She is a certified C.L.A.S.S Observer in observing Infant through 3rd grade classrooms for developmentally informed teaching practices. She is also a published researcher with an article and measure in the Journal of Peace Psychology.

When Shai decided to combine data with real world outcomes, the ABC Learning Solutions experience was revealed! By training tutors to provide personalized learning support, ABC Learning Solutions will be able to serve the community by helping students achieve educational success and academic confidence. Shai is committed to bringing the ABC Learning Solutions experience to California by helping others build self-confidence and a love of learning as they achieve their educational goals.

ABC Learning Solutions provides adaptive S.E.L (social-emotional learning) focused tutoring services to students of all ages. We train our tutors to provide phenomenal services and incorporate the latest in psychological research, child development, and educational research to provide personalized learning support to students at all levels.

We have worked with a number of tutoring agencies and school districts and know what students need outside of school to support their learning. We also take socio-emotional learning very seriously and build friendships with our students so they can develop not only a love for their tutoring sessions, but a love of learning.

By being adaptive and incorporating the latest research in our teaching styles, we are able to increase students' confidence in their ability to learn. We also work closely with families to set goals and discuss needs.

Our tutors are trained to connect with students and their families and create a fun learning environment!

Learning is a collaborative process, and we will work closely with you to ensure you/your child gain the skills needed to succeed!